Red Cross House



Scope of Work

Landscape Architecture



Completed Date



Red Cross

Team Credits

Architect / Landscape Architect: Tierra Design (S) Pte Ltd

The realization of this project is therefore timely, while an opportunity to participate in its historic intervention much appreciated. Therefore, our proposal remembers the past, look through the present, and into the future, of Red Cross 2020. A respect and honouring of old heritage that links to new aspirations. The new overhead tower block, Singapore Red Cross HQ, springs forth, and rises out of the old building. The traditional ceremonial entrance to Red Cross House is thus maintained, while vehicular drop-off is discretely moved to the back. Both entrances however share the same original lobby and reception space, and the resulting vertical circulation throughout links the old and new buildings, is easily understood and preserves our shared memories. In addition, this approach also maintains the continuity of the street facade. By replacing the original driveway with landscape, it beautifies and enhances the old building and the street. The new building overhead, with its soaring views, protects and frames the old building, announcing a new clarity of relationship between what is old and what is new, allowing this new entity to move Singapore Red Cross forward into the future.