Urban Design for Ageing-In-Place Neighbourhood



Scope of Work


Completed Date

Completed 2019


Land and Liveability National Innovation Challenge URA/MND

Team Credits

Landscape Architect: Tierra Design (S) Pte Ltd

The “Innovative Planning and Design of Age-Friendly Neighbourhood” was a multidisciplinary research study between designers, academia, ageing specialists and the community. Tierra's shift from the concept of an age friendly neighbourhood to one that was ageing friendly allowed for design thinking that considered the needs of people from all age cohorts and abilities towards the possibility of ageing in place. Collaborative research led to considering the potential of underutilized spaces within the study neighbourhood. Seen for beneficial outcomes of personal well-being, community engagement and enhancement of the neighbourhood with the addition of green space, a concept design for a pocket park was developed. In this scheme, the modularity of a pocket garden comprises two continuous looped paths that interweave play with activities areas for people of all ages and capabilities. The design concept allows for spontaneous 'play' where ordinary moments such as walking to the MRT station or to the Wet Market become opportunities for intergenerational interaction. Further information about this project is available in a published report, Innovative Planning and Design of Age Friendly Neighbourhoods in Singapore and in URA's Skyline magazine 2018 Issue 09 and Special Edition April 2021.

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