The Spring Land/19 Towers 莱蒙水榭春天


Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Scope of Work

Landscape Architecture





Completed Date



Lai Meng Real Estate (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd莱蒙防地产(深圳)有限公司

Team Credits

Landscape Architect : Tierra Design (S) Pte Ltd

The design language for the residential development at the ground level takes its cue from the children’s game of Pick-Up-Sticks; This strong geometry is the basis on which streetscapes and public parks are established, creating interconnectivity and tension. The playfulness of this theme is also reflected in the design and organisation of playground equipment, planting beds and circulation. Pathways are conceived as schools of fish swimming between the key interactive zones and buildings, and the paving pattern reflects the geometry of colourful fish scales. The texture and form of the waterscapes and softscape radiating from the central spines are also inspired by the sinuous movements and streamlined form of swimming Koi.