The Loft



Scope of Work

Landscape Architecture





Completed Date



Capital Residential Limited

Team Credits

Landscape Architect : Tierra Design (S) Pte Ltd


2003: SILA, Runner-up Award

The Loft is a 4-storey, 77-unit condominium sited on a south facing slope of Nassim Hill built in 2002. The site was planned and designed in accordance to National Parks conservation guidelines where a green buffer around the site’s periphery protects Jambu laut trees and ten hundred-years-old Tembusu trees that are endangered species native to Singapore. Like many Tierra projects, The Loft weaves landscape elements into the overall development creating a design that exemplifies simplicity and tranquillity. For example, the circular overflow water feature at the main entrance defines the roundabout. A 40m-long granite clad wall with varying lengths of mondo grass (Ophiopogon jaburam ‘Kyoto dwarf’) embedded in it defines the linearity of the central courtyard. The green strips of plants turn the wall into a living green wall, thus softening the hardness of material. The introduction of vertical green had not been used in Singapore until then. The linearity of the landscape design carries through the project and is reinforced by a timber deck that runs the length of the swimming pool. In the courtyard and pool area, willow trees (Salix Babylonia) and climbing vines (Thunbergia) frame and soften the angularity of the building facades.