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Architect : Tierra Design (S) Pte Ltd

Situated at the base of a gentle hill in Holland Park, 8 Box House is one of six distinctive bungalows of the Lien Villas Collective. A giant Eugenia grandiose stands on the site in the primary sightline where the entrance of the original bungalow used to be. In the redesign of this site, the concept of a common landscaped spine not only provides a welcome stretch of shared garden space for the various families to enjoy, but also unlocked new value for the site as it enabled for the parcelling of the site to include a sixth bungalow. Each of the 6 bungalows on the property were assigned to different architects. PODesign - now Tierra Design Studio - was the Design Architect for one of the bungalows on the site, the 8 Box House. Tierra Design - also the parent firm of Tierra Design Studio - was additionally appointed as the Landscape Architect for the overall site. This project was a unique opportunity that helped to advance the value and appreciation of distinctive architecture in Singapore.

The 8 Box House is a cluster of eight white boxes of different size and orientation, amalgamated as a tumbled, final massing which offers a unique view from every angle, inside-out and outside-in. The visually and physically interconnected internal spaces derived from this massing were angled to maximise the house's functionality and views to the exterior.