Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3



Scope of Work

Landscape Architecture


Transport and Infrastructure

Completed Date



Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Team Credits

Landscape Architect : Tierra Design (S) Pte Ltd

Local Architect : CPG Corporation

Architect : SOM

Project Photographer : Jonathan McFeat


2007: SILA, Merit Award

2009: ASLA, Honor Award

Through a competition in 2008 that Tierra was invited to participate in, Changi Airport’s Terminal 3 design that emphasizes Singapore's identity to the world as a “City in a Garden” was conceptualised and realised. This approach to greening while conserving floor space directed the design to take on the form of vertical gardens, making the terminal the first of its kind in the world.

The vertical green garden is equivalent to a five-storey-high structure in height. The softscape comprises of vines and epiphytes that when add up, run the length of three football fields. Amongst the green, water cascades down 20m-high laminated walls of shredded glass laminated stainless steel. More than 10,000 tropical plants are showcased across the entire green wall tapestry. Catwalks behind the green wall allow for easy, safe and unobtrusive maintenance of plants.