Marina Barrage



Scope of Work



Transport and Infrastructure

Completed Date



Public Utilities Board (PUB)

Team Credits

Design Architect : Tierra Design (S) Pte Ltd

Architect : Architects Team 3 Pte Ltd

Project Photographer : Jonathan McFeat

The Marina Barrage is an iconic landmark amalgamating engineering and architecture. The five-acre site was designed to house seven massive pumps as part of a comprehensive water management system to prevent flooding and to transform the Marina Basin into a freshwater reservoir. Originally a typical industrial building, the final design was realised as a spiralling structure that seamlessly directs visitors upwards to a large roof garden boasting expansive lawns for activities and a wide-angle view of Singapore's landmarks. The Marina Barrage also houses an education centre. While showcasing the importance of water to Singapore, the Marina Barrage has also become a popular recreational destination.