Hangzhou GT Land UTOPA


Hangzhou, China

Scope of Work

Interior ArchitectureLandscape Architecture



Completed Date

Completed 2021


Highland (Hangzhou) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 高地(杭州)房地产开发有限公司

Team Credits

Main Designer: Tierra Design (S) Pte Ltd
Architect: SOM
Interior Designer: LYO
Themed Park Specialist: 红源旅游景观发展集团有限公司
Softscape Specialist: Shanghai Botanic Garden
Lighting Consultant: MJP

Photography & Videography: GT Land Holdings Limited

A magical forest has sprung to life in the interior of this existing shopping mall. Shoppers and especially children will be enthralled when they enter the world of Utopa to experience what retailtainment has to offer. To conceptualise the surreal landscape made up of real and artificial plants and inspired by the movie Avatar, Tierra created the focal point of the design that is an alien tree trunk of immense proportions. The tree's branches spread in all directions. They push through three storeys of the mall. All manner of strange plants, flowers and creatures suspended from the tree's tentacle-like limbs. To enhance the atmosphere of Utopa, innovative and advanced lighting technology along with acoustic effects create mystery in this fantastical and otherworldly environment. The lighting design comprises several sculptural light installations inspired by Mother Earth’s creations such as glow worms, luminous plants and shimmering waterfalls.