Founders’ Memorial



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ArchitectureLandscape Architecture



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National Heritage Board

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Architect : Tierra Design (S) Pte Ltd

The Ground Level represents Singapore’s Past. It represents a period in Singapore’s history when she faced great uncertainty and struggle. Hence, the 1st Ring is discontinuous, broken and in segments. The space planning for the functions and activities reflects this symbolic gesture accordingly. The Forecourt is the spiritual heart of the Founders’ Memorial. Nine Tembusu trees (Fagraea fragrans) represent the ground on which modern Singapore was founded. The 2nd Level represents Singapore’s Present. This level houses the various gallery spaces, education, multi-purpose programming spaces, which makes a fully ‘interlocked’ ring. The fragments of the past are fused and become the ‘whole’ of the present. Partially open to sky, the 2nd Level symbolises the tightly orchestrated ‘nation-building’ drive that has made Singapore a successful Nation. A single bridge transports the visitor to the galleries. To symbolise solidity, the building material on the 2nd Level is fair-faced concrete.

The Viewing Ring Level represents Singapore’s Future. At 22m above ground level, the Viewing Gallery offers the visitor a dynamic 360 panoramic view of the Singapore skyline. The use of translucent material represents openness in government and societal values. Lightweight material used in the construction reflects optimism for Singapore’s future.