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Franklin Po is a registered architect, both in Singapore and in California. He has been in practice since 1973, and has extensive expertise and experience in the design, planning and construction of residential houses, condominiums, hotels and serviced apartments. His expertise extends to landscape architecture, being the founder of Tierra Design, a leading and well-respected landscape architectural firm in Singapore since 1993, as well as PODesign, a sister company specialising in architectural and interior design.

After graduating from the University of California Irvine in 1968, he won a Welton Beckett Fellowship to the University of California, Los Angeles, where he gained a Master's Degree in Architecture. His past and current work includes The Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, Unocal Oil Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, UCLA Alumni Centre, Changi Airport, Singapore Supreme Court, Orchard Turn (ION Orchard), Keppel BFC at Marina Bay, Banyan Tree Lijiang Resort, Shangri-La Hotel Resort Bangalore, and many housing estates, private residences, mixed use and other high profile projects.

Franklin is intensely committed to advancing the standards and quality of life in Asia through good design. Tierra's success in landscape architecture stems from Franklin's unwavering belief that the barrier between landscape and architecture does not exist. Successful project outcomes culminate from the blending of architectural form with flora, fauna and terra firma that ultimately create desirable designs with a measured visual balance to best suit the site and the clients' needs.

Franklin has transformed the way landscape architecture is perceived by clients and has raised the bar for the landscape design profession in Singapore. Engaged by clients in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, Tierra have since won numerous awards and distinctions for its aesthetic excellence.


Franklin Po先生是新加坡和加利福尼亚两地的注册建筑师,自 1973年进入建筑设计行业,在设计 、 规划 、 住宅 、 公寓 、 酒店等建筑领域拥有资深行业经验。作为 Tierra设计的创始人,他一手打造了一个在行业里领先 并且 深受敬仰的景观设计公司。此外,他还创建了 Tierra设计的姊妹公司, POD设计,专注于建筑和室内设计。

1968年从加利福尼亚大学 Irvine毕业后,他赢得了加州大学洛杉矶分校的 Welton Beckett奖学金并最终 获取 建筑学的硕士学位。他过去及目前的项目包括Tom Bradley国际机场, Unocal 石油博物馆,洛杉矶国家艺术博物馆,加州大学洛杉矶分校校友会,樟宜机场,新加坡高等法院,乌节路 ION, 金沙海滩的 Keppel BFC,丽江悦榕庄,班加罗尔香格里拉酒店和许多其他住宅,私有公寓,综合体以及高级项目等。

Franklin致力于通过好的设计来提高亚洲人的生活标准和质量。 Tierra在景观建筑的成功来源于 Franklin先生坚信景观和建筑之间是无障碍的。成功的项目是将建筑外形与植物 以及 大地的协调达到极致,最终营造出美好的设计,给人们带来视觉享受 并且 满足客户的需求。

Franklin改变 了 客户看待建筑景观的角度,并且将新加坡建筑景观的标准提升到一个全新的高度。 Tierra服务于来自香港,中国大陆,台湾,泰国,印度,越南,马来西亚,新加坡等地的客户, 已经凭借杰出的 创作设计 赢得了许多奖项和荣誉。

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