Tierra is an award winning multidisciplinary design practice with 20 years of exemplary experience in Asia. With projects across 12 countries we draw from an interdisciplinary pool of talent that includes landscape architects, architects, engineers, designers and environmental scientists. We offer services focused on holistic integration of the built environment through master planning, urban design, architecture and landscape architecture.

Our design process brings the rhythm and hues of the earth and the built environment to life by incorporating natural materials, colours and sounds into integrated spaces. We focus on thoughtful design that is holistic yet elegant, practical yet simple, where people and their communities are at the core of our design approach.

A graceful play between active and passive forces, materiality and light; spatial and tactile experiences inform all our work. Our design is driven through a contextual response as each project takes on a unique identity respectful of its surroundings while improving the quality of life.

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PODesign (POD)

POD was founded in 2005, initially, as a separate identity for Tierra Design to head up design projects in India. Today, it is the architecture and interior design arm, and participates collaboratively on urban design and master planning projects. Together, both Tierra Design and POD, registered with the Singapore Board of Architects, share and deliver the same philosophy of thoughtful design.








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PODesign (POD)

POD设计公司成立于 2005年, 起初 是为了让 Tierra设计进入印度市场而成立的品牌。如今,她是 Tierra设计的建筑和室内设计部门,并且参与城市设计和总体规划项目。 Tierra和 POD,都在新加坡建筑协会注册,拥有并且致力于提供相同的设计理念和完善周到的设计。